How to Install Ink Cartridges

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A common question from first-time fountain pen users is "how do I get the ink into the pen?" Everyone has to start somewhere, so hopefully this quick guide will help you install that ink cartridge and get writing with your new fountain pen!

  1. Unpackage your fountain pen, remove the cap, and unscrew the body from the nib.
  2. You may need to remove an empty cartridge before installing the new one. To remove a cartridge, simply pull firmly on the cartridge until it pulls away from the nib.
  3. Take the new cartridge and insert the smaller, cupped end into the nib and press until you hear and feel a pop. This is the nib puncturing the end of the cartridge to allow the ink to flow into the nib.
  4. Screw the body back onto the pen. Ensure the cap is on and leave the pen to sit downward (in a pen cup or something similar) for a while to allow the ink to saturate the nib.
  5. Start writing!

Important Note: Many pens use an international ink cartridge, but many pen brands will have their own proprietary ink cartridges that can only be used in their pens. Be sure to check your pen to see which cartridges are compatible.

If you are a visual learner like me, here is a really good demonstration video from Jet Pens that shows how to do this clearly.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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  • Jackie on

    Hi Lori!
    The Perkeo fountain pen takes any international standard ink cartridge.
    Any of our Kaweco ink cartridges will fit.

  • Lori Klassen on

    I have the Perkeo – what ink cartridges fit?

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