Flash writing the very short story by john dufresne
John Dufresne

Flash! Writing the Very Short Story

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The history of fiction has been dominated by the novel and the short story. But now there is this seemingly brave new genre around: very brief fiction. It has been called Sudden, Micro, Skinny, Hyper, Mini, Short-Short, Minute, Instant, Nano, Pill-size, Pocket-size, Postcard, and Furious. This is fiction approaching haiku, the art of few words and many suggestions.

FLASH will identify the qualities that make for excellent very short stories, will demystify the writing process, and will guide the writer by exercise and example into and through the world of the very short story. John Dufresne's characteristic warmth, wit, and humor remind the writer of the joy in the creative process, making this a perfect guide for both the novice exploring the art of fiction and the seasoned writer interested in trying a new form.