Bottle of black ink
Bottle of black ink
Caran d'Ache

Ink Bottle - 50mL - Cosmic Black

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Caran d’Ache uses its special savoir-faire to offer lovers of handwriting a collection of ink bottles with colours inspired by the prism. They give the words a soul and the text a uniquely vibrant style. Caran d’Ache inks show their pedigree in a box that is worthy of presenting their colours: the glass bottles adopt the shape of a prism, playing with the reflections of the light and enriching the colours they contain.

  • Cap with metal finish
  • Ink bottle branded with Caran d'Ache logo and colour's name
  • Hexagonal prism in raw glass
  • Enlarged neck for XL/LE pens
  • Packaging in 2 parts, with the base acting as a plinth
  • Hexagonal shape
  • User guide inside